Window and Door-Weatherstrips

Window and Door-Weatherstrips


PROFI Thermoplast Weatherstrip

The Profi thermoplast weatherstrip of fix-o-moll will persuade you with its high restoring force and a service life of 15 years. In addition, its great advantage is that it covers all ...more

Premium Gummidichtung

PREMIUM Rubber Weatherstrip

The Premium rubber weatherstrip of fix-o-moll is particularly elastic. Self-adhesive and available in various gap widths, the eight-year service life makes ...more

Schaumstoff Dauer-Dichtung

STANDARD Permanent Weatherstrip

This weatherstrip of fix-o-moll has a smooth and washable surface without losing its flexibility. It is available in various lengths and easily applied ...more

UNIVERSAL Foam Weatherstrip

The UNIVERSAL foam weatherstrip is the most affordable way to seal off gaps. It is self-adhesive and available in various lengths, widths and thicknesses ...more


Our specialist for sliding doors is the V-profile weatherstrip. With its self-adhesive back side, it is easily applied and has an eight-year ...more