Special Weatherstrips

Special Weatherstrips

UNIVERSAL Multi-Purpose Sealing Tape

With the UNIVERSAL multi-purpose sealing tape of fix-o-moll, joints and seams can be sealed without a problem. The product is resistant to ageing and weather and remains permanently elastic for  ...more


Joint Sealing Tape

The pre-compressed joint sealing tape of fix-o-moll is a product that even professionals use. Applied to expansion, compression or movement joints, it expands to about 600% within 24 hours and ...more


Caulk Profile for Gaps

Filling narrow gaps is not always easy. The caulk profile for gaps of fix-o-moll, however, is the perfect partner for closing cracks and gaps next to windows and doors. Draughts are thus a thing ...more

Window Insulation Foil

Single-glazed windows are often a reason for heat loss. Applying window insulation foil puts an end to this problem, offers reliable, additional insulation and noticeably reduces the heat loss  ...more


Reflective Foil for Radiators

When increasing the efficiency of your heating system, the reflective foil for radiators of fix-o-moll is a true helper. It can be mounted quickly and easily behind the radiator, for example ...more


Sanitary Cover Joint

The sanitary cover joint of fix-o-moll is ideal for sealing joints and gaps in bathtubs, showers and sinks. Especially in areas where a cover joint is permanently exposed   ...more


Bridging Profile

Tiles in the corridor and parquet in the living room inevitably lead to unattractive joints. With the bridging and terminating profiles of fix-o-moll, you can join your rooms floor coverings can be joined simply and elegantly even in  ...more