AUTOMATIC Door-Weatherstrip

Uneven surface and indoor and outdoor doors are no problem with our AUTOMATIC door-weatherstrip: Using the automatic spring level regulation mechanism, it always has direct contact with …more


ALUMINIUM Door-Weatherstrip

Ideal for use on smooth floors and doors indoors and outdoors. A stable aluminium body and high-quality horse-hair brush guarantee a long period of use of up to 12 years. The weatherstrip can also be easily …more


PREMIUM Door-Weatherstrip

The PREMIUM door-weatherstrip of fix-o-moll is particularly suitable for carpeting and smooth floors indoors. With its massive plastic body and stable polyamide brush, it can be used perfectly in  …more


STANDARD Door-Weatherstrip

The STANDARD door-weatherstrip of fix-o-moll is a true classic when it comes to making your own four walls even more perfect. It can be used indoors on every smooth floor, available in a transparent or wood optic design and …more


UNIVERSAL Door-Weatherstrip

The UNIVERSAL door-weatherstrip of fix-o-moll is designed for use on smooth floors indoors, especially in wet rooms. Here, instead of a brush, a plastic strip ensures that neither draughts nor  …more


DUO QUICK Door-Weatherstrip

The DUO QUICK door-weatherstrip of fix-o-moll is attached quickly with ease. Without drilling, screw connections or adhesion, just cut it to size and put it under the …more


SOFT TRANSPARENT Door-Weatherstrip

The SOFT TRANSPARENT door-weatherstrip of fix-o-moll offers an almost invisible solution for sealing glass doors inside your house. With its self-adhesive strips, it is extremely easy ...more

SOFT BASIC Türdichtung

SOFT BASIC Door-Weatherstrip

The SOFT BASIC door-weatherstrip is the affordable solution  in the fix-o-moll range. This product not only reliably stops cold and draughts, but also goes gentle on your ...more