Sound-Absorbing Anti-Slide Pads

Sound-Absorbing Anti-Slide Pads


Sound-Absorbing Anti-Slide Pads

Use this product wherever you want to prevent slipping, scratches, impact noise and vibrations. Due to various material designs, e.g., made of solid, transparent or permanently elastic plastic ...more


Felt Pads

The particularly thin and soft felt pads are self-adhesive and can be attached under moving objects. With these pads, you protect the surface of your furniture  from scratches and damage ...more


Cork Pads

The self-adhesive natural cork pads are placed under moving objects and protect the surface of your furniture from scratches and damage ...more


Vibration Damper

The vibration-resistant rubber buffers of fix-o-moll were especially developed for household appliances whose vibrations cause noise or even damage. Regardless of washing machine or dryer, this product prevents  ...more


Car Door Protection Strip

Protect your car door and your nerves! When entering and leaving your car while parked in the garage, your car door can hit the wall and become damaged before you know it. You can easily prevent ...more

Teppich Stop

Anti-Slip Tape

With this practical fixing aid, rugs remain where they belong on smooth and textile floor coverings and do not become dangerous tripping hazards. This fix-o-moll product is ...more