Protection and Care

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Protection and Care

We've been protecting surfaces for more than 100 years: Profit from our experience and the constant further development of our products. Parquet, walls and furniture are stressed daily and could become slightly damaged in the process. How fast a scratch appears in parquet or a dent on the wall or a door slams shut loudly! Discover how quickly and easily the products of fix-o-moll help preserve nice things and spare your nerves.


Furniture Gliders

Furniture gliders of fix-o-moll are ideal helpers for protecting floors from damage. Whether carpeting, parquet or tiles – with these products, even heavy furniture can be moved on all common floor coverings without leaving marks or scratches. All gliders are easy to attach and ensure that your floors remain lovely.


Protective Buffers for Walls and Doors

The protective buffers of fix-o-moll are the ideal helpers to prevent damage and pressure points. Walls, refined wallpaper, doors and furniture ­­are safeguarded with our impact protection. All protective buffers are easy to attach and ensure that your walls and furniture remain undamaged.


Sound-Absorbing Anti-Slide Pads

Small and unnoticeable – but effective. When it comes to doors slamming too loudly, drawers not closing softly enough or even damaging furniture, when the washing machine shakes too much during spinning or just small objects not slipping, fix-o-moll products make your home more perfect.


Door Stoppers and Door Wedges

Door stoppers and door wedges are reliable aids for keeping doors and windows open despite draughts.