Practical Household Helpers

Practical Household Helpers

Sink Solutions

The fix-o-moll range contains all kinds of solutions for sinks. The universal drain stopper is absolutely airtight. A bead chain is a practical addition for finding the stopper in cloudy dishwashing ...more

Joint White

Unfortunately, joints between tiles become dirty or simply yellow with age over the years. Joint white of fix-o-moll is the perfect aid to renew joints in no time at all and let your bathroom and ...more


Wall Mount

The self-adhesive wall mount of fix-o-moll helps you create a fixed place for brooms, garden implements or even shower wipers. Self-adhesive and robust, this product keeps appliances where  ...more


Door Plates

A door plate can sometimes be very helpful, especially when looking for a toilet. With cute pink or turquoise ducks or a plain toilet door plate in grey, they always show guests and customers the right ...more

Non-Slip Underlay Mat

The non-slip underlay mats safely and reliably prevent objects from slipping on all smooth surfaces. Slip-resistant and washable, they are the perfect aid for camping, garden use, drawers and ...more