Self-Adhesive Hooks

The perfect solution on trips, as well as in the household or office, is the self-adhesive hooks of fix-o-moll. They can be attached quickly without gluing or drilling and then removed ...more


Hooks with MEGASTRIPS (Stainless Steel)

When looking for a lovely optical design when it comes to hooks, these high-quality, attractive stainless steel hooks are the right product for your household. With the included ...more

Self-Adhesive Hooks (Plastic)

The robust plastic hooks have a particularly strong hold on smooth surfaces. fix-o-moll also has the right solution for hanging ...more

Suction Hooks

Especially on smooth surfaces, the practical suction hooks of fix-o-moll provide a secure hold. Apply them to the wall with simple pressure, where they will hold reliably and stable, even for a longer ...more

Tür- und Fensterhaken

The door and window hooks of fix-o-moll are particularly practical helpers when it comes to utilising previously unused space in your home. Whether plastic or stainless steel, they can be ...more


MEGASTRIPS Mounting Strips

You want to attach something and know for sure that you'll be able to remove it again without residue? Then fix-o-moll has the perfect product for your household: With MEGASTRIPS, which ...more