Hook and Loop Products

Hook and Loop Products


POWER Hook and Loop Tapes and Pads – Self-Adhesive

These hook and loop products of fix-o-moll truly have power – the special hook system and an extra strong adhesive provide even heavier objects with a perfect hold. This product is ...more

Klettband und Klettpads – selbstklebend

Hook and Loop Tapes and Pads – Self-Adhesive

Self-adhesive hook and loop tapes and pads are a perfect alternative to double-sided adhesive tape for smooth surfaces. They can be opened and closed at any time and individual cut to size ...more

Klettband – zum Aufbügeln

Iron-on Hook and Loop Tape

Using an iron, hook and loop tapes of fix-o-moll can be fixed easily and securely to textiles. No other hook and loop closure fastening method is this easy and a perfect hold is guaranteed ...more

Klettband – zum Nähen und Tackern

Hook and Loop Tape for Sewing and Stapling

Hook and loop tapes for sewing and stapling are your aid for creative projects. They can be used ideally for textiles and decorating and grasp at almost everything, not just creativity ...more


Hook and Loop Ties green

Plants always extend their branches and leaves towards the sun, often taking up more space than desired. With the hook and loop ties you keep your plants under control and your living room  ...more


Hook and Loop Ties black

Cables that lie about on the floor in an unorganised manner can quickly become a dangerous tripping hazard. With the hook and loop ties of fix-o-moll you can easily bring order to ...more


Hook and Loop Strap 

With the hook and loop straps of fix-o-moll, you have reliable and stable help when it comes to securing suitcases or luggage. Even when moving to your new house, the hook and loop straps ...more