Home Solutions – Useful Things for Your Home



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Home Solutions – Useful Things for Your Home

Useful and easy to apply – the small helpers of fix-o-moll. Whether you want to attach or hang something or your bathroom is not yet exactly how you imagine it or you need to crate order – you'll find the right products for your ideas in fix-o-moll. Since we know that household requirements vary, we have a variety of fastening possibilities: Do you want to glue something permanently or securely attach it with adhesive and then remove it without residue? Or perhaps you don't want to use adhesion, but rather a suction cup, hook and loop closure or magnet – no matter what, everything holds the way it should.

Selbsthaftende Haken


Order is good and it is even better when storage not only saves space, but also looks attractive. The hooks of fix-o-moll are practical to use and available in various fastening possibilities. Whether through self-adhesion or by hanging into a door or window, hooks provide a reliable hold. 


Practical Household Helpers

Sometimes there are places in your household that are missing just one little thing, a small helper with a large effect. A lost drain stopper or slight discolouration between tiles, a wiper lying the shower without a holder or a broom that is always in the way. Small problems that don't have to be one at all! 


Hook and Loop Products

Hardly anything is as practical as the hook and loop products of fix-o-moll. Whether plants have to be kept under control, cables need to be sorted, something needs to be attached, or a hook and loop closure needs to be sewn onto a piece of clothing – creativity has no limits. This is because, in addition to the stable hold, hook and loop closures can be opened and reclosed again and again.




Extra strong. Extra magnetic. The neodymium magnets of fix-o-moll. A special compound made of neodymium, iron and boron make these magnets the strongest and most durable magnets on the market at present. The magnets are naturally idea for fastening to metal surfaces, as each magnet holds up to 10 kg – especially suitable for marking and decorating!