The company is founded in Bonn. The Windfix brand is created; this product can be used to put a fast and easy stop to windy draughts with door arch weatherstrips made of felt and metal.


Necessity is the mother of invention: Wool felt soles to insulate boots also leave the cold outside when out and about.


Through the formulation of many different kinds of felt, the company's knowledge on which felt is optimum for every application is growing.


The product range is expanded. High-quality special felts, for example, for goldsmithing or covering billiard tables, become available.


The demand for special products is rising and now felt coupling discs are being manufactured for motorcycles.


Production resumes after the war and the manufacturing and sale of felt products begins. In the years that come, all department stores in Germany, as well as customers in Switzerland and Scandinavia, are provided with the company's products.


The first self-adhesive Windfix weatherstrip enters the market. This foam weatherstrip is extremely popular with customers thanks to its easy application and high benefits.


The manufacturing of the first self-adhesive products, such as the well-known felt gliders,  revolutionise the market and strengthen the company's position.


The hardware market arises and the do-it-yourself movement demands a larger range, a desire that the company is happy to fulfil, thus beginning to cater to customers' individual requirements. In German hardware stores, fix-o-moll products are now available everywhere; within a few years, they are also available in many hardware stores in Western and Northern Europe.


The product range becomes more extensive. Starting now, fix-o-moll adhesive tapes are also available to industry and do-it-yourselfers. The wishes of the customers are what ensure that weatherstrips are now available not only in industrial grey, but also in white and brown for domestic windows and doors.


The idea of "power tape" comes from the United States; fix-o-moll adds this product to its range for its customers from now on.


After the opening of the borders, Eastern European customers can now enjoy the fix-o-moll products as well.


The fix-o-moll MEGASTRIP enthuses customers – a mounting strip that is water-resistant, extremely strong, but also easily removable without residue.


The premium parquet glider BIG DUO reaches customers for the first time and becomes a true hit. This product consistently offers the best quality on the market, ranging to Malaysia in the new millennium, where fix-o-moll products are also now available in the meantime.


fix-o-moll is constantly introducing new products to the market. In 2002, this includes EASY GLIDER, which turns moving furniture into child's play. But also products like the "Mülleimer-Sheriff" (Rubbish Bin Sheriff) that prevents pest infestation, or the self-adhesive QuickTack bulletin board are customer favourites in the years to come.


Due to the merger with suki.international, fix-o-moll realigns its logistics and optimises its deliveries to its dealers and customers.


fix-o-moll is constantly optimising its products. The PREMIUM door arch weatherstrips are equipped with MEGASTRIPS, which continues to provide them with a secure hold while making them easy to remove without residue. The company thus remains innovative and excited to provide its customers with new products, even in future – therefore expanding its important role on the market.