What do I have to take into consideration when working with masking tape and other adhesive tapes?

First test because adhesiveness is the most important rule for the satisfactory application of adhesive tapes. A lot has to be taken into account here, such as the composition of the surface. What is the load-bearing strength like? Could minor damage occur during removal? It is best to test at a small, inconspicuous point to see how the material and surface interact.

How do I remove the masking tape properly when painting?

The adhesive tape should be pulled off the painted edge slowly and evenly at a 45 to 90 degree angle.

How do I figure out where the draughty points are on doors and windows?

Move a candle or burning incense stick close to the window or door. Pay attention to the flame or smoke and find out where the draughty point is located.

How do I prepare the surface before working with fix-o-moll weatherstrips?

In order for the fix-o-moll weatherstrip to adhere well, the glass and window frame must be free of dust and dirt. Clean the bottle with ethyl alcohol, but wait a moment before applying the weatherstrip until everything is dry.