Warning Tapes

Warning Tapes

The warning tapes of fix-o-moll not only mark danger zones, but are also the specialist for safety at any time of day. Monochrome, luminous signal tapes increase safety during daylight hours, while reflex tape is perfect for headlamp light at dusk and in the dark. When it is completely dark, the light tape shows you where to go as this tape stores daylight and emits it again after dark.


Signal Tape

Attention! This tape is a real eye-catcher and should be. The  signal tape of fix-o-moll is self-adhesive and perfect for marking and securing objects. The colour intensity of this ... more


Reflex Tape

The self-adhesive reflex tape of fix-o-moll is a real eye-catcher, especially at dusk and in the dark. Just apply this tape to bicycles, school bags, skateboards and much more. This material, strongly ... more

Light Tape

So that you can see well, even in the dark: The self-adhesive light tape of fix-o-moll stores light energy during the day and emits it again after dark. It is ideal for labelling safety-related areas ... more

Warning Tape

Put an end to tripping hazards! You play it safe with the warning tape of fix-o-moll as this noticeable, self-adhesive tape is perfect for labelling, marking or warning against obstacles, such ... more