Repair Tapes

Repair Tapes

The recipe for success of many repair tapes of fix-o-moll is the fibre-reinforced insert. These tapes can be torn off easily by hand in a transverse direction, but guarantee a strong and reliable hold in a longitudinal direction, making repairs child's play. Transparent or aluminium tapes are also available for special tasks.


PREMIUM Cloth Tape

When is comes to repairing, crafting or decorating, the PREMIUM cloth tape of fix-o-moll, available in many colours, is the perfect selection. The fine cotton structure is coated and can thus be easily labelled. Thanks to … more

PREMIUM Kraftgewebe-Reparaturband

PREMIUM Reinforced Repair Tape

If you have something to fix, fix-o-moll has the reinforced repair tape for you. Whether PREMIUM or STANDARD – this adhesive tape also withstands high temperatures and doesn't detach … more

TRANSPARENT Reparaturband


Transparent plastics and even glass itself can be repaired with the TRANSPARENT repair tape of fix-o-moll. Thanks to its high temperature and weather resistance, it is flexible to … more


Aluminium Tape

Repairing and sealing indoors and outdoors – fix-o-moll has the right product for you for these tasks as well: With the aluminium tape, weld seams and joints can just be taped over … more


Aluminium Foil Tape

During roof finishing, the topic of insulation is of great importance. Here, the aluminium foil tape of fix-o-moll is the right product. It acts as a steam barrier and is a perfect aid ... more