Parcel Tapes

Parcel Tapes

Just practical and easy to use everywhere – the parcel tape and adhesive tapes of fix-o-moll. To speed up packing and taping, a matching, practical dispenser is also available.



The  UNIVERSAL parcel tape of fix-o-moll is a true allrounder. Reliable, easy to dispense, strongly adhesive and extremely tear-resistant, this tape is the perfect product for packing ... more


BASIC Parcel Tape

Reliable packing and a satisfactory result. This is what the BASIC packing tape of fix-o-moll offers. Made of polypropylene, this tape is tear-resistant and offers a solid ... more

Dispenser for Packing Tape

You don't have to make your life more difficult than it already is. The practical dispenser for packing tape of fix-o-moll is the perfect helper for easy and fast handling with packing ... more