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Haken + Megastrips

Bonding and Mounting

Perfect adhesion becomes child's play with the adhesive tapes of fix-o-moll. They are easy to use and fix-o-moll provides the right product for every purpose, regardless of material or task. For fastening, repairing, laying, crafting or marking, we have exactly the right product for your project. Whether you use a practical adhesive tape in the office or you're renovating and need masking tape, whether you have double-sided adhesive tape as an ideal helper for decorating or you want to insulate cables – the adhesive tapes of fix-o-moll are absolutely reliable and are characterised by their exceptionally strong adhesive strength. To make adhesion even easier, every adhesive tape naturally has a matching dispenser.

Transparentes Montageband

Mounting and Fastening

Do you want to fasten something without drilling, bolting or hammering? Not a problem with fix-o-moll – its products provide the ideal helpers for fastening with adhesive tapes. Here, the right aid is available for every task: From permanent adhesion to flexible and residue-free removal, from almost invisible to thick and levelling – fix-o-moll has just the right product for you.

Double-Sided Adhesive Tapes Mounting Tapes and Mounting Strips


Renovating and Masking

Great care is especially required when it comes to painting. What's perfect is that fix-o-moll's masking tape is just the right product for this purpose, whether indoors or outdoors. With these adhesive tapes, which leave behind no residue, painting films can be easily attached and clean edges are guaranteed.

Masking Tapes Skirting Boards and Angular Profiles


Repairing and Securing

Not all adhesive tapes are alike – you'll notice this quickly when it comes to repairing and securing since absolute reliability and highest quality are in demand here in particular. The products of fix-o-moll meet precisely this requirement – whether you are repairing something, insulating cables, increasing walking safety or marking dangerous locations, these adhesive tapes are perfect helper when push comes to shove.

Repair Tapes Insulation Tapes
Anti-Slip Tapes Warning Tapes


Packing and Taping

Just practical and easy to use everywhere – the parcel tape and adhesive tapes of fix-o-moll. To speed up packing and taping, a matching, practical dispenser is also available.

Parcel Tapes Adhesive Tapes